Salmond leaps

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Alex Salmond has announced that he will quit as First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party, after his Yes campaign was heavily defeated in the Scottish independence referendum, the result of which was announced this morning.

Alex Salmond announces his resignation by ITN News

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Mike Hancock resigns from the Lib Dems

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Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock has tonight announced that he is leaving the Lib Dems. It comes after allegations, which he denies, of sexual abuse and inappropriate behaviour with a female constituent.

Apparently the Lib Dems have known about this for a couple of days, but announced it after questions from the Independent. Pretty poor nonetheless of the party to let this information come out during the most dramatic nights in British political history.

Gerald Vernon Jackson has already been selected to replace Hancock at the 2015 election as the Lib Dem candidate.

Scotland Decides

Scotland decides – live

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The campaign is done, the votes are in, and by about 8am we should know whether or not Scotland has chosen to end the 300 year Union with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Keep refreshing this page, to keep up with the results.

Scotland decides – live.

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Betting on the independence referendum

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I’ve always shied away from political betting, thinking it a bit unethical to place bets on stories I cover, or indeed uncover. However, with polls now open in the Scottish independence referendum, i.e. the process is already place, I’ve place a couple of small bets over at Ladbrokes.

Nothing very exciting, I must confess. I’ve bet on “Turn out under 80% and No wins” at 7/4 and “Yes vote percentage 45%-50%” at Evens.

Have you place any bets on the independence referendum? Let me know in the comments!


The Social Liberal Forum could spice up my love life

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I’m going to be honest with you, as I think that’s what readers of an independently run blog expect – I’ve never really *got* the whole exotic sex thing. In fact, I’ve always tended to believe that most people who claim to engage in high octane bedroom gymnastics are lying or, at the very least, grossly exaggerating.

That was until today. I must be wrong, because members of the Social Liberal Forum are clearly Karma Sutra sexperts. Their ability to contort themselves into all sorts of positions is quite remarkable.

Someone on their site has blogged on the move towards making the Liberal Democrats a One Member One Vote (OMOV) organisation. This is to replace the weird system of ‘conference reps’ it currently has, whereby local parties pick a number of individuals who are allowed to vote at the conference, and in other internal elections.

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traf rally 1

London urges Scotland – let’s stay together

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Trafalgar Square resembled the Jubilee celebrations yesterday, as people gathered to ask the Scots to stay part of the Union. These people do not have a vote in the referendum on Thursday, but they do have a voice. Armed with Union Jacks and Saltires, they were determined to make it heard.

The event was organised by historian Dan Snow, as part of his Let’s Stay Together campaign, and featured Eddie Izzard,  Al Murray, Jenny Colgan, and an amazing speech by Sir Bob Geldof.

Dan Snow – Let’s Stay Together by Charlotte Henry
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Sir Bob Geldof gives amazing speech in rally for the UK

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Sir Bob Geldof is never one to shy away from public causes, famously launching LiveAid and LiveEight to try and tackle poverty in Africa.

He’s now turned his attention to saving the United Kingdom, giving an astounding speech at a Let’s Stay Together rally, a grassroots campaign for a No vote in the Scottish independence referendum, organised by historian Dan Snow.

His comments were so passionate and moving, that he brought people at the rally to tears.

Bob Geldof – Let’s Stay Together by Charlotte Henry