Kevin Vickers, hero Sergeant at Arms, returns to Canadian Parliament after shooting

Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers lived up to his title when he shot dead a gunman who was attacking the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa. He returned to the House of Commons to hero’s welcome.

  • Former Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer shot dead gunman who was attacking Canadian Parliament
  • Vickers received standing ovation as he opened Parliamentary proceedings day after shooting.

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Humourless Labour hound Gove after dog show appearance

Labour MPs have criticised Michael Gove for leaving the House of Commons to take part in a show of MP’s dogs. There pettiness and humourlessness tells us a lot about them.

  • Gove’s dog, Snowy, was entered in the Westminster Dog of the Yearcompetition
  • Shadow Leader of the House asked where Gove was
  • Backbencher Kevin Brennan seeking a debate on role of Chief Whip

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There was another attack yesterday, in Jerusalem

As the horrific events were unfolding in Ottawa yesterday, there was more terrorism and death in the Middle East, as a three month old baby girl was killed in an apparent revenge attack.

  • Palestinian man from East Jerusalem kills a baby girl in attack on light railway station
  • Eight others wounded in the attack
  • Israeli soldiers shot at in Sinai

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Key aide to Nick Clegg accidentally reveals Lib Dems manifesto plans

A key aide to Nick Clegg was photographed leaving a meeting, holding a piece of paper that reveals that leading policies for the Lib Dems manifesto.

  • Ryan Coetzee is a General Election strategist for the Lib Dems, and an important advisor to Nick Clegg.
  • Coetzee was photographed leaving a political meeting of the Lib Dems.

Clumsy Ryan Coetzee, a key advisor to the Liberal Democrats, walked out of a political meeting of the party holding a piece of paper, accidentally revealing Lib Dem manifesto commitments to waiting photographers.

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David Cameron is not panicking about UKIP, ex Chair of Migration Watch just became a Lord

Sir Andrew Green, former Director of anti immigration group Migration Watch, has been appointed by the government to the House of Lords. In the run up to the Rochester and Strood by-election, David Cameron truly is on the run from UKIP.

  • Sir Andrew Green is a former diplomat, and has served as an ambassador in Syria and Saudi Arabia.
  • Migration Watch was formed by him in 2001.
  • Prime Minister David Cameron is increasingly under pressure over his perceived failure to control immigration, a key issue in the upcoming Rochester and Strood by-election.

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