In Llorente and Lucas, Poch may finally have found a Plan B

Spurs have long suffered from the ‘second striker’ problem. (See Sergei Rebrov, Darren Bent, et al.) The emergence of Harry Kane only exacerbated the issue. Few forwards with the ability to step in and bag goals will sit on the bench for weeks on end.

Lucas and Llorente – history repeating?

It is fair to say that in their early days at the club, Fernando Llorente and Lucas Moura did not do much to quash the fears that history was repeating itself. Llorente was rusty, cumbersome and ineffective. Lucas barely played.

But as time has gone on both players have settled in and improved. Lucas scores big, important goals. His pace is devasting and he has scored 10 Premier League goals this season. Llorente is an increasingly effective battering ram. His hold up play really is very good.

Powerful Partnership

Against Huddersfield, they combined to devastating effect. Lucas ran riot and deserved his hat-trick. Llorente barely lost the ball, creating the space his Brazilian forward partner needed. The Spaniard made the space for Victor Wanyama’s for the first goal and was unlucky not to be on the scoresheet himself.

Of course, Spurs would rather be going into the games against Manchester City with Harry Kane. And yes, it was only a very poor Huddersfield side that he and Dele’s replacements saw off today.

However, Lucas and Llorente really did work together well as a partnership. Llorente’s occupied the centre-halves. He made space for Lucas, who had pace to burn and finished with aplomb. They complimented each other well.

Even the in-form Son Heung-Min, the obvious replacement for Kane, was not really needed. He had just a short cameo towards the end because Lucas and Llorente worked well.

Poch won’t have wanted to need to, but he might have just stumbled on a very useful Plan B.


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