Election night 2016 – will we see the Megyn Kelly walk?

Megyn Kelly has played an unexpected role in 2016 US presidential campaign. At the first Republication debate she asked then candidate for the nomination Donald Tump about his attitude towards women.

The point, of course, was to ask the potential GOP nominees the toughest question they could face during the campaign. However, Trump did not take it that well. After the debate he infamously declared that Kelly asked the difficult question because “she had blood coming out of her eyes, she had blood coming out of her…wherever…”

Kelly held back. She did not respond until she got Trump on his own in a prime time interview  (that she was criticised for softballing in). In that moment though the tone of the Trump campaign, and the 2016 election more widely, had been set.

Megyn Kelly walks the walk

Before that clash the Fox anchor had become famous for something else. A walk down a beige corridor. In 2012, GOP grandee Karl Rove insisted that President Obama had not won Ohio and therfore reelection. Megyn Kelly, in typical fashion, did no accept the partisan posturing. She marked right down the corridor to the decision desk and got the experts to explain why they had declared Obama a two-term President.

It was a great TV moment. So great in fact that she repeated the trick in 2014, this time with a relieved Rove hiding away in the corner.

Tomorrow night Brett Baier and Kelly are presenting again. Ominously, Fox News have a brand new studio with the decision desk behind it.

Think we will see the Megyn Kelly walk?!


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