Reaction | Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis is rooted in Team Corbyn’s political game-playing

It felt predictable when yesterday’s Sunday Times splashed with a story on Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis – it showed that the crisis was as bad as many in the Jewish community had been arguing it was for at least the last two years and that the evidence implicated Jeremy Corbyn and his closest allies.

The newspaper obtained a spreadsheet recording a large number of incidents. They included Labour members alleged to have posted delightful things like “Heil Hitler”, “F*** the Jews” and “Jews are the problem”. Those people had not been expelled from the party at the time of writing.

Crucially, the paper revealed that “Corbyn’s office has been involved in approving, delaying or blocking at least 101 complaints”. But why is a political office dealing with something that really should have nothing to do with them at all? Well, the Labour leadership and its cult-like followers can only understand Jews in the context of Israel and the Middle East. If they are bothered about anti-Semitism at all, it is only because Jews may leave in some marginal seats and they think it might stop the glorious leader making it all the way to Downing Street. It’s all about politics, not morals.

Read the full article at Reaction.


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