Social Networks Can Learn from Apple to Solve ‘Fake News’ | The Mac Observer

The heated U.S. election campaign that saw Donald Trump elected 45th President of the United States raised many issues. A critically important one was the growing proliferation of fake news online. Both sides shared increasingly bizarre, heavily partisan, fake news stories during the fraught campaign. They fueled conspiracy theories on a variety of baseless issues . […]

John Lewis Christmas advert #BusterTheBoxer arrives just in time

Buster star of the John Lewis Christmas advert

After the shock result yesterday John Lewis have released their joyous Christmas advert just at the right moment. Starring the gorgeous Buster the boxer and a very sweet little girl it looks set to be a recorder breaker. Campaign reports: “John Lewis has also created a series of merchandise around the film, including stuffed toys of Buster, […]

Election night 2016 – Stephen Colbert tries to make sense of what has happened

Stephen Colbert reacts to President-elect Trump

Comedian Stephen Colbert used to play a cranky right-wing talk show host. The kind of cranky right-wing talk show host that may well supported Donald J. Trump for President. As host of The Late Show, playing nobody but himself, he has had to adjust. Last night he hosted an election night special. By the end, […]

Election night 2016 – will we see the Megyn Kelly walk?

Megyn Kelly has played an unexpected role in 2016 US presidential campaign. At the first Republication debate she asked then candidate for the nomination Donald Tump about his attitude towards women. The point, of course, was to ask the potential GOP nominees the toughest question they could face during the campaign. However, Trump did not […]