A Queen’s speech Lib Dems can be pleased with

mall queens speech

Margaret Thatcher once apparently complained that the problem with the Queen was that “she’s kind of person who could vote for the SDP.” If so, Her Majesty should have been pleased with the speech she read today, which contained many Liberal Democrat policies, the offspring of the SDP.

For starters, the first line in the Loyal Address included the Liberal Democrat tagline “stronger economy and a fairer society.”

There was then a reference to Garden Cities, an idea put forward by Nick Clegg, andĀ much focus on Steve Webb’s pension plans. In addition, greater moves on a zero carbon standardĀ ,and more equal childcare arrangements announced, both of which are policies long championed by the Liberal Democrats.

The foreign policy section also contained Liberal Democrat ideas. The Queen announced that “the United Kingdom will lead efforts to prevent sexual violence in conflict worldwide”. This is a agenda that Lynne Featherstone has been pursuing in Government.

Lots then for Liberal Democrats to be getting behind in this final year of the coalition.

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