Election night 2016 – Stephen Colbert tries to make sense of what has happened

Stephen Colbert reacts to President-elect Trump

Comedian Stephen Colbert used to play a cranky right-wing talk show host. The kind of cranky right-wing talk show host that may well supported Donald J. Trump for President.

As host of The Late Show, playing nobody but himself, he has had to adjust. Last night he hosted an election night special. By the end, a clearly wound up and exhausted Colbert offered a stunning summing up on the last 18 months.

Barely able to sit, and armed with a whiskey, Colbert delivered a 10 minute monologue at the end of election night. He described the campaign as “exhausting” and “bruising”. ┬áIt had been so bitter, he said, that “we all now feel the way Rudy Giulani looks”.

There will lots of time for discussion about what has led us to Brexit, to President-elect Trump, to whatever comes next… For now though just take in this very special television moment from Stephen Colbert, that came at the end of an election all about TV moments.


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