John Lewis Christmas Advert 2017 – Meet #MoztheMonster

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the John Lewis Christmas advert 2017 has arrived!

This year, it features a little boy and a monster under his bed, Moz. The monster’s snoring keeps the little boy up and…well, watch  and see what happens.

When the John Lewis Christmas advert became a media moment

In my opinion, the ultimate John Lewis Christmas advert was the 2013 one, The Bear and the Hare. This was when this went from being a simple advert to a media moment. People wait for the clip and analyse it afterwards. It is the unofficial (or maybe official…) start of the Christmas period.

The clip itself is actually almost irrelevant. People discuss it and, by extension, John Lewis, simply because it has been released. Already Moz the Monster is trending on Twitter and has its own emoji. The phrase John Lewis Christmas is also trending.


This year’s version slightly misses the absolute magic of the Bear and Hare, but it is still rather lovely. Elbow pull off a rather nice version of Golden Slumbers by the Beatles in it too, maintaining the tradition of low-fi acoustic numbers accompanying the John Lewis Christmas advert.

Anyway, enjoy Moz the Monster, but no more Christmas until December, please!


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