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It will not have escaped your notice that the news is moving rather quickly at the moment.

When I started on “Not Buying It” I knew I’d be writing about a timely topic, but every time I think I’ve finished a chapter I have to update it because something else happens! Barely a day seems to go by without another outburst from President Trump, revelations over Russian election hacking, or questions being raised about Brexiteers’ campaign claims.

Due to the nature of what is being covered in the book then, myself and Unbound have decided that speed is of the essence. Not only do we want “Not Buying It” to be the definitive look at fake news and the post-truth era, we want to get it out there as quickly as possible.

So I’m very excited to say that we are going to publish it as a paperback, instead of a hardback as originally planned. (For reasons I won’t bore you with a paperback can be out much faster than a hardback.) Everyone who pledged at hardback level will also be named in the FRONT of the book, as super patrons.

This also means there is not a long way to go before we hit the funding target for this book. If you haven’t pledged yet please do so to help get it over the line.


My first book "Not Buying It", looking at post-truth in media and politics, is being published by Unbound

If you enjoy this blog please pledge here, to help make it happen and order your copy.

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