Former PM’s Aide: “I couldn’t write my memoir without mentioning that I’ve been gay all my life”

Now here is something to warm the soul on a snowy Sunday.

Barbara Hosking, who worked as a press aide to Harold Wilson and Edward Heath. In her book “Exceeding my brief” she talks publically for the first time about gay, aged 91!

In a lovely Guardian interview today she says:

“The irony is that I’ve always been a private person, but here I felt I had to be honest and I couldn’t write about myself without mentioning the fact that I’ve been gay all my life.”

Hosking goes on to talk about her experience being taken to gay bars in Chelsea in 1946 when she first moved to London. She said:

“But when I moved to London in 1946, my landladies took me off to this gay club in Chelsea called Gateways. As I got into their car, one turned to me and said: “You are queer, aren’t you?” I said yes, but I was thinking to myself, what does this mean? Does it show?”

Oh, and if you want to know the success to Hosking’s long and active life:

“I eat a lot of fish, I like olive oil and salads. I sleep eight hours a night. But I smoked until I was 50 and I’d hardly let a day go by without having at least one drink – usually claret.”

As Stonewall CEO Ruth Hunt says – our latest gay icon!


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