Labour put out a campaign video celebrating UK minority communities. Guess which one they forgot.

Labour minority vid

Yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn put out a video celebrating minority communities and saying that a Labour government would represent them. See if you can work out which minority community is not mentioned in the clip.

That’s right, Labour decided to publish a video about diversity and sticking up for minorities and managed to forget the Jewish community. It tells you everything you need to know. The Labour party does no see British Jews as a minority or a vulnerable group. A group that requires security at their places of worship and the school they send their children too. It is, for instance, why antisemitic tropes about powerful, controlling Jews so often come out from Corbyn acolytes. It is why Corbyn himself could seemingly not understand that the ‘powerful Rothschild’ stereotype is antisemitic when questioned about it in an interview.

Despite the huge mistrust from the mistrust, the Jewish community feels towards the Labour party, it made not even the minimal effort of including that community in a short campaign clip. It is a bit like the time that the party posted a ‘Happy Passover’ message on its official Facebook page, except that the message had a picture of bread on it. (Seriously, they did this.)

Time and again, Labour shows that there is one minority community in Britain it just does not care about.


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