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It is fair to say political blogging feels like something of a dying medium. It certainly has not featured prominently during this General Election campaign. Facebook essays and Twitter threads have replaced political blogging, it seems.

Of course, there are some excellent exceptions that prove the rule. Mark Wallace has done sterling work on ConservativeHome, which remains essential reading. Guido Fawkes stirs the pot as much as ever. Stephen Tall has been writing some great election diaries, and Emma Burnell remains a powerful voice in the Labour party.

Those people are so good partly because they have been blogging for a while. A few viral left-wing sites have emerged, but there are not many new independent writers firing up the WordPress and putting their head above the parapet.

Blogging signal vs social media noise

Plenty of people used to argue that blogs were simply just angry people winging in their basement. Of course, lots of people wrote lots of rubbish. I am guilty of this, I am sure. That i s no reason to be pleased about the increasing lack of it though.

The demise of political blogging mirrors the increasingly frantic political discourse we now endure. Why spend an hour or so writing and building a case when you can create a 140 character soundbite in seconds? It is a shame and does not improve political debate or understanding.

I love Twitter. A lot. However much I enjoy it though I do I miss people having to develop an argument in the way that you have to on a blog. Apologies if this sounds as if I am pining for a bygone era, but Twitter and Facebook are increasingly noisy, whereas every once in a while good blogging could provide a signal.

The media world has changed, and will continue to do so. However, that should provide more opportunities for good writing, not less. So I say let’s bring back the art of political blogging after this polls close tomorrow! I hope lots of good writers set up a site and discuss whoever is elected.

Oh, and do share in the comments sites that are worth reading.


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