Why I can’t rejoice at Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama

There is a lot of jubilation at Roy Moore’s defeat to Doug Jones in Alabama. On the surface, I can see why. A man who helped convict Ku Klux Klansmen beating one who thinks homosexuality should be illegal can only be good.

If, as it appears, it is black voters, and especially black female voters, that have cost Moore the victory then it will taste that little bit sweeter still.

But I cannot quite rejoice in the way many others are.

Roy Moore still ran

Moore has faced repeated and credible accusations that he molested underage girls. Yet, he was still on the ballot. I do not understand why the Republicans allowed him to run when he was facing such serious and credible allegations.

He went on to win 48.4 per cent of the vote. This is so close that I think it is still possible that there could be a recount. I accept I do not appreciate the nuances of Alabama politics. However, I cannot process the fact that Moore was in touching distance of victory.

It seems a victory now is stopping an accused child molester being elected to the US Senate. Has our political culture deteriorated so far? Maybe it has just never improved.

Bittersweet victory

Back in Washington, the man who bragged that his fame allowed him to “grab [women] by the pussy” is still firmly ensconced in the White House. Obviously, President Trump endorsed Roy Moore. Obviously.

I’m delighted Roy Moore will not be going to the Senate. I appreciate that progress is incremental. Forgive me though, I will not be joining in popping open the champagne for this bittersweet victory.


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