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Liberals have long loudly and proudly advocated for diversity. It should probably please us then that during the awards season just gone that the issue was high on the agenda once again.

At the Grammys, Adele saw off Beyoncé for some the major awards, including Best Album, with a large number of people citing the controversial and racial issues raised by the latter as one of the reasons she did not triumph.
Speaking to, Kevin Powell, who is the author of a forthcoming biography of rapper Tupac Shakur, said: “Beyoncé’s Lemonade made a lot of people uncomfortable, because it is so political, so spiritual, so unapologetically black, and so brutally honest about love, self-love, trust, betrayal.”

Billboard’s Andrew Unterberger, writing at the Hollywood Reporter, said: “A non-Adele year and Beyoncé likely struts to the podium, but all the timeliness in the world couldn’t give Lemonade the edge over an uncontroversial commercial behemoth like 25.”

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